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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. . . right now at 11:00, take a look at just how cold it feels outside right now. folks, it is only going to get worse. storm team 4 meteorologist, samara theodore is standing by with the latest word on the big
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developing tonight, we are combing through court documents to learn more about the suspected isis supporter busted in sterling. the fbi says he wanted to attack the united states. flames tear through a big home in montgomery county. one of several fires that kept crews very busy. "news 4 at 11:00" starts now. subzero feel-lyiike temperatures when you wake up in the morning. good evening. i'm lee on harris. bone-chilling temperatures coming through and samara theodore joins us. >> it doesn't seem like any relief in sight. very cold. it is only getting colder. let's get a look at the current temperatures. we are sitting at 24 degrees in the district. colder in some spots. we had some snow this morning. that's out of here. a few lingering flurries in its
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temperatures as we head through the remainder of your weekend. take a look at the winds. that plays a significant role in this colder air and how cold it feels out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour. we are going with a low of about 19 degrees. windchills below zero for some of us. i'm going to have a look at that feel-like map as well as what it is going to feel like tomorrow when we are out enjoying the festivities and celebrating the new year coming up in a moment. leon? >> that just cuts right through you with these temperatures. that snow was pretty while it lasted. it coated the roads and the sidewalks out there. it didn't bother most people here in d.c. that took it in stride whether it was an early morning walk or a jog. if you are heading out tonight or early tomorrow, anything that didn't dry on the pavement has the potential to rephrase. so be very, very careful out there. we continue now to get updates on the conditions
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tweeted that all county-maintained roads have been treated. for the latest information, including the forecast in your neighborhood, open up our nbc washington app. we are tracking some new developments in that fbi raid in sterling. court documents allege that the man at the center of the raid is an isis supporter and may have been planning something sinister. we are learning new details as fbi agents were breaking down his door. darcy spencer explains. >> reporter: the house here in sterling is dark, quiet now. on friday, it was the scene of an extensive fbi raid. now we know why. the man that lives here allegedly under investigation for ties to terror. fbi agents spent hours taking evidence out of the home of sean duncan on courtyard square. they have been building their terror case against him for some time. according to court documents, a relative tipped off the fbiin
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had converted to islam, may have been radicalized and expressed approval for westerners being beheaded. a source told the fbi he was interested in joining isis and conducting an attack in the u.s. the documents reveal that he had conducted hundreds of searches for bullet-proof body armor and weapons and ammunition and looked up how to make bombs. when the fbi agents came to the door, he ran out the back in his bare feet and tried to get rid of evidence he had destroyed, a memory chip and thumb drive. the records show in june during an investigation in the death of his infant, authorities found numerous searches for isis-related material and attacks and weapons and body armor. during the raid, fbi agents carried out countless boxes marked with red and black evidence tape. he had only lived here since last summer. he is
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appearance in federal court. in sterling, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. stay with news 4 for much more on the suspected isis supporter. we will be there for duncan's court appearance. you can also find more details on our coverage on the nbc washington app. in the meantime, new at 11:00, a community in prince george's county is shaken after a deadly shooting. two men got into a fight this afternoon on walters lane in district heights. one pulled out a gun and shot a second map multiple times. he died at the hospital. officers arrested the suspect at the scene. new at 11:00, this is what montgomery county firefighters had to deal with in these cold temperatures. you can see flames shooting through the roof. fire barreled through the home in the 10,000 block of larkmeade lane in potomac. no one was injured and no word on what caused the fire. earlier today, the fire you see here ripped through this home on
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potomac. they say the fire started on the first floor and spread to the second. everyone inside was able to get out safely. no word on what caused that blaze. dozens of people in gaithersburg are going to have to find somewhere else to live after a massive two-alarm fire ripped through their apartment building. this is video you will see only here on news 4. capturing this inferno as flames shot through the roof of the potomac oaks condos. the fire started at 4:00 in the morning. everybody was able to make it out safely but they had to get outside and brave the bitter cold. despite the ordeal, residents are relieved nobody was hurt. >> nobody gets hurt. we are just trying to manage to put things together. the red cross can come and help us. >> that could have been us. we are safe now. it makes you appreciate stuff and the time you sfepend with people. >> perspective. no word on how
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days of public protest are reaching a boiling point in iran today. the demonstrators you see here are angry about the country's high unemployment rate, stagnant economy and alleged government corruption. the unrest drawing the attention of president trump. he tweeted support for the protests saying the iranian government should respect their citizens' right to express themselves, adding that the world is watching. the u.s. designates iran as a state sponsor of terror. new tonight, a car sinking fast so the coast guard had to be even faster to save a trapped 89-year-old man. cameras were catching some unexpected guests, visits from wild animals lke thei
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check out this scene here, dramatic rescue in florida when a driver drove his car into a marina. fortunately, the coast guard happened to be nearby. this is panama city. the coast guard saw what happened. two minutes later, they went out and got in their boats and pulled up to the car and broke the car's window and pulled the man out from the water before it sank. it is unclear why the 89-year-old driver didn't stop. "the new york times" says that a trump campaign worker told an australian diplomat that russia had dirt on hillary clinton. that helped persuade the feds to investigate russia's meddling with our elections and its alleged ties from trump. they passed the information
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he has plead gultty ilty to lyi the fbi and is now cooperating with the special probement this is two mountain lion clubs that traded the hills of california for the suburbs. home surveillance video captured these cubs in san luis obispo. they did leave the house. someone spotted them earlier. they believe the cubs are likely roaming the streets because a nearby trail had been closed off. all right. time to pull out your lottery tickets, folks. we have tonight's winning powerball numbers for you. they are, as follows, 28, 36, 41, 51, 58, and the powerball number is 24. tonight's jackpot,
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if you chose the lump tomorrow, $242 million. we are due for winter. the last time anyone took home the powerball was back in october. if you hear anyone screaming, they won. there is enough snow in this neighborhood to make a 15-foot tall snowman. we are going to go around the country and show you some of the best winter weather video we can find. all that cold air means we are seeing nearly three times as many flu ca
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your flu shot this yaer may only be a small way to protect yourself this season from the season's flu strain. the cdc says it is worst than last year. gabe gutierrez with the widespread flu activity that has resulted in more than two dozen deaths. >> this is our family's first time getting the flu this flu season. >> for the nicholson family of brighton, colorado, the last few days of 2017 have been miserable. >> we all have been experiencing the body aches, chills and fever. >> his fever had spiked to 103.3. >> reporter: christie fuertes has been worried sick about her son, jackson, who has had flulike symptoms since wednesday. >> i had to set alarms to get up and give him more medicine or check his temperature and make sure he was doing all right. after a couple of days now, he is doing better. we are still dealing with him being sick. >> reporter: the
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flu is now widespread in 36 states. there are almost three times as many cases this flu season compared to last year. >> the reason it started earlier could be because of the cold weather or the virus, the way it mutates every year. this is one specially attractive to people. >> in kentucky, eight deaths so far. in south carolina, seven and in north carolina, 12 people have died, including a child. adding to the concners, an initial report citing data from australia that this year's vaccine was only 10% effective. the actual figure is much higher. in chicago, pediatrician, tahasha tahir is on the front line. the priorities are children, ages six months to four years and pregnant women and adults over 50. >> it is absolutely imperative. there is no real down side as opposed to the positives. the rewards far outweigh the risks. >> it is not too
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say. the peak of flu season runs through february. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. seven inches of snow would cripple us in this area. erie, pennsylvania, seven feet of snow. even the pennsylvanians are getting sick of this. seven feet since christmas eve has shattered records. even more snow is heading their way. lake effects, maybe they can take a break and head over to niagara falls. the snow and ice making for picture perfect selfies there. you can see the water freezing in mid-air as it goes over the falls. there is enough snow in utah for someone to build this giant snowman 15 feet tall standing guard outside of someone's home outside of salt lake city. you would ha
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industrious to build one here. we only have about this much. >> some areas i was looking at some of the totals, half an inch here, .8 inches there. frederick, maryland, we did get a report of 2.1 inches. they were under the winter weather advisory. >> speaking of the snow, i got a few phone calls from our viewers. they said, somara, how much longer will the snow last? and this cold air, how long is that going to last? let's go straight to the radar. this is the last of that snow we saw today. it is now down to a few flurries in a few areas like loudoun county into montgomery. most of us, pretty dry. let's talk about these temperatures. 24 degrees right now in the district. 19 degrees is the current temperature in gaithersburg. manassas, good evening. how you doing? 20 degrees there right now. as we head into tomorrow mornig,
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overnight. by the time you are headed out for that new year's eve brunch, temperatures will be around 21 degrees. i want you to dress warmly and of course indoor seating definitely. i don't think any heated patios are going to work against these temperatures. as we move through your sunday, here is a look. 8:00 a.m., waking up, temperatures are going to feel like 3 degrees. down to the single digits is what it is going to feel like as we move through your sunday. some areas feeling like subzero temperatures. it can feel like zero degrees. moving through the day, not much relief. winds will be gusting 20 miles per hour. that's one of the reasons we are going to see temperatures feeling like the single digits through your sunday. we are counting down three, two, one. it will seem like we are counting down temperatures. they will be in the single digits as we head into your new year's. here is a look. new year's eve, you can see temperatures in the 20s. blustery conon
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as we head into new year's day, plenty of sunshine out there. your countdown forecast, 21 degrees at midnight. as you saw there, on that future feellike temperatures, it is going to feel more like the single digit. your storm team 4 ten-day outlook, when are we going to see relief? no time soon. looking ahead. we are staying in the 20s. mostly sunny. it is good we are fairly tranquil. >> a good stretch of some really, really cold stuff. >> hockey weather, though. >> absolutely. >> we will talk about hockey just ahead. caps and devils square off with a division lead on the line. we are going to head
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we have got some breaking news coming in. a police involved shooting in the 800 block of "h" street in northwest washington. officer responded and shot a man on the scene. the suspect is in the hospital, condition unknown. more on "news4 today." in is the exfinity sports desk. new year's resolution, eat less, exercise more. how about moving to first place. capitals final game in 2017 and a chance to christen 2018. first place in the metropolitan division and against the right opponent. the capitals have won seven straight on home ice and gold tender, braden holtby has only lost twice. marcus johansson making his return to d.c. af
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to jers su ey in the off-season. he finds tom wilson and puts it in the back of the net. sixth goal of the season opens the scoring for the capitals. later in the period, ovechkin to backstrom to juice and a wide-open goal. caps lead, 2-0. now, second period, a 2-1 game, caps on the power play. watch this. john carl son is goison is goin this fly. capitals lead, back up by two. not finished. in the third, another passing display, matt niskanen. one of ovechkin's three assists. capitals, first place. they will lead the metropolitan division after a 5-2 win over new jersey. patrick ewing and the whoho looking to make it 1 and 1. ramsey scored from all over the
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previous high of 31. golden eagles at one point led by seven at the break. he was getting it done. the hoyas, they get back into this one in the second half. marcus derrickson working on the low block scores 20 in this one. it is a three-point game. all right. georgetown looking good. marquette responds. rousey. eagles, back up. hoyas hang around. shot clock running down to the final minute. rousey, seen running the three ball to go. georgetown lost, 74-65. you ready for a happy crowd? love to see youngsters. foggy bottom george washington against st. joseph's. a happy start. love this name to say and score. he hits from deep, watanabe. nearing the final minutes, he is in control. he misses.
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arnoldo twirled for the tip-in. a 70-64 win. pay attention close. earlier this afternoon, virginia hosting boston college. thai jerome, a coareer high of 31. jerome robinson, for boston college, that's a three. that makes it a one-point game. the inbound pass, stolen. the clock doesn't start on time. oh, that's not good for virginia. will the eagles get another try? second attempt, where is the whistle? nick papaovich called for the offensive file. virginia escapes 59-58. washington and the fiesta bowl, nittany lions come out firing in this one. the opening drive, trace mcsorry goes over the top and tayshaun hamilton makes the guy miss. he gets this for the sixth. penn state takes the early lead. in
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barkley breaks to the outside. nobody is going to catch him. that's 92 yard for a touchdown. it makes it 28-7. penn state wins, 35-28. >> better sports than utah watanabe or christian juice. >> both were good. >> a little juice and watanabe. >> thanks for joining us here on
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>> mr. vice president, alabama senate candidate roy moore is here. >> great! send him in. >> how you doin', mike? >> roy. i don't have to tell you that the senate hangs in the balance. we're trying to pass a tax reform plan this year to bring mr. trump's list of bi
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legislative accomplishments to one. we can't lose your seat this december. >> yes, sir. >> now, i know you're bannon's guy, but this latest news about you is concerning. voters in alabama will never elect someone who's had relations with a minor. >> you sure about that? >> no. alabama is quite a place. but we can't take chances. >> i mean, mike, look, it's all lies. i'm not that guy. >> perhaps, roy. perhaps. but it's hard to convince people that you're not into young girls when you dress like woody from "toy story." >> i mean, come on. the left-wing media loves to repeat the sexual harassment stories. there's a new one every day, mike. >> i know. even i heard about louis c.k., and i'm not allowed to watch tv. i'm only allowed to listen to it. but this girl who has accused you was 14 years old, roy. you got to do the right thing here. >> all right.


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